Nurturing Nellie's Interactive Journal for Women:
5 Ways to Nurture Yourself in 5 Minutes or Less

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"Nurturing Nellie" is a wise and warm gift
 to the reader.

~Sandra Jereb
Nurturing Nellie's Interactive Journal for Women, is a lighthearted, yet inspirational book written by Jean that offers women "five ways to nurture themselves in five minutes or less." It includes principled strategies and practical suggestions for women to find ways to take care of themselves - based on the theory that self-love is necessary in order to "love thy neighbor as thyself." The guided journaling questions included at the end of each chapter allow the reader to easily apply the "five ways" to personal situations and busy lifestyles.
Excerpt from the Introduction (p.9)

Nurturing Nellie™, the delightful character on the cover, was created as a rendering of my interpretation of the words, “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” To me, the phrase implies: love and take care of others in the same way you love and take care of yourself, not more than and not less than yourself. Yet many of us were raised to believe that it is selfish or arrogant to love ourselves, and more virtuous to show love to others first.

This book was born out of my personal journey of growth and self-discovery and my work with women since 1989. As a life-long learner, a teacher, and my roles as both participant and leader with spirituality circles, I have learned ways to live more joyfully and give more joyfully as I became more like the character of Nellie. The many women I have met and worked with have inspired me to create this interactive journal; to reach out to the woman who always nurtures and gives to others, and feels guilty for wanting time for herself.

What’s valuable about 5 Ways to Nurture Yourself in 5 Minutes or Less is that the five messages, and cartoons that accompany them, are geared toward raising awareness and shifting thinking to increase emotional energy and personal well-being within the time frame of simple daily situations...

About the Interactive Journal:

If you have never kept a journal before, this is an excellent opportunity to begin. The book is sized to easily fit into your purse, briefcase, car or nightstand.

The guided journaling page at the end of each chapter offers reflective questions so the reader can interact with the subject matter and herself.

The framework of the questions is:
  • What did you discover or re-discover in this chapter?
  • How might you put those discoveries into action to replenish yourself?
  • How can replenishing in this way support you in nurturing others?
Example of Interactive Journal from Chapter 3 (pdf)

It is suggested to read with pencil in hand, and jot down whatever comes to mind as you work with the messages, even if it's a question or comment in the margins.

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