Taking the Angst Out of Parenting

Jean Wittig

"The kids won't listen...I've tried EVERTHING!"
"I need to work from home...the kids interrupt me a LOT!"

“Consequences and yelling don’t work… well, maybe at FIRST.

Then they’re back to the same old acting up and power struggles.

And sometimes it makes me feel guilty to yell and punish them. Ugh!”


Moms, if this sounds like you, you’re in the right spot!

 Parenting is hard! Daily life with kids can be challenging! 

Even MORE so with families doing work and school at home!

It doesn’t have to be chaotic. It CAN get better!

 There’s no quick fix, but there IS a methodology you can 
easily acquire
to reduce the upsets and find more peace within the course of countless and ever-changing TO-DOs.

 Hello Moms,
“As a free gift,
you are invited to join me for a 1-hour strategy session to get some immediate support for YOU and YOUR circumstances. 

The strategy is simple: Plan your work, work your plan.
It’s a 5-step framework that you can use for 
Taking the Angst out of Parenting.

I encourage you to jot down all the things that are causing you angst, and bring your list to the call.

Or, you can take the self-scoring survey below
and find out what your most burning issue might be.” 



The parent education, tips, and customized coaching of Jean Wittig

have been praised by mothers of toddlers to teens

who enjoyed putting into practice the methodology

that changed their family discord and turmoil into

harmony, order, and yes, even FUN!


Jean use GPS™, Gentle Parenting Support, which means:

NO blame, NO shame, NO guilt, NO judgment…

…simply: caring and solid encouragement.


Schedule your gifted call today!



Contact Jean by phone message or text,

to arrange a mutually convenient time.

Serving the Raleigh, Cary, Apex,

and Garner areas of North Carolin

"Before working with Jean, my husband and I were in a state of frustration and stress 
over the challenging and ongoing behavior of one of our children.

Jean gave us specific strategies and word patterns on how we could handle things. Since working with Jean in person and via telephone, life at our house has improved dramatically, and our son's behavior is changing for the better."
---Suzanne M.

Self-scoring Survey
for strong, harmonious parent-child relationships

On a scale of 1-9, how are you doing with your child or children in the 7 parenting categories below? There is no perfect 10 parent!!   We are all a work in progress. We aim for improvement, not perfection!

For example:
9 - Usually great! Rarely have any stress or angst with this one

1 - This one has me really stressed and spinning my wheels. I certainly make a good  effort, but don’t get the results I want.

___  1 fostering a climate of mutual respect, listening with full attention, establishing trust… reducing “back talk”

___  2 effectively dealing with your child’s feelings…and YOURS!
.... especially frustration, anxiety and stress!! Increasing resilience

___  3 creating order, self-discipline, healthy boundaries  and safe environment… without punishing or alienating. Reduce interruptions

___  4 engaging your child’s willing cooperation, sense of self-responsibility, problem-solving capabilities... decreasing discord 

___  5 helping your child develop a realistic and positive self-image, avoiding “labels” and releasing any labels or roles placed on the child by others…eliminating “name calling”

___  6 resolving conflicts peacefully and encouraging effective problem-solving skills … averting power struggles, striving for
win/win solutions

___  7 praising/acknowledging effectively, celebrating small steps of greatness in ordinary moments…avoiding “good job” as the prevailing “praise phrase.” Providing lessons of self-management, self-responsibility, resilience

___  8  What is YOUR angst, stress, or struggle as a mom?_________________________________________________

Contact Jean TODAY ( 908.432.2794) to schedule your free 1-hour strategy session. Then you can decide whether our 21-day parenting program is right for you.

Working with Jean as both a personal coach and a spiritual life coach has been a very positive and rewarding experience. She has helped me and my family approach daily challenges with a new outlook – opportunities for growth and exploration.
Thank you, Jean, for your wisdom, patience, and support.  ~Elaine D.

Jean Wittig

Individualized private coaching for Moms
to help you gain expertise to be at your best with your child.

In the process, YOU learn to tap into inner wisdom and creativity
and become your own empowerment  coach!

Learn More

Her clients include busy Moms of all ages
who want to make daily life easier, less stressful, and more effective
with kids. 

  Results are simple and powerful:

- Moms create family harmony and decrease arguments
- children assume more self-responsibility and learn to solve problems
- the family operates more smoothly, reducing bad feelings that come from discord 

In addition, Jean takes a heart-centered and nurturing approach to

self-directed personal development. Her messages for self-empowerment
came to life in the light-hearted and inspirtional book

"Nurturing Nellie's Interactive Journal for Women:
5 Ways to Nurture Yourself in 5 Minutes or Less." 

 Moms become overwhelmed and stressed when they  don't take time for themselves. This book is a must for you to replenish yourself and be able to continue to give of yourself to your family.

Learn more and read excerpts on-line.


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